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I claimed: Sasha Nein, Crystal Flowers Snagrash, Mikhail Bulgakov, Invisibility & "Tell me, does this smell like your DOOM?" - Dr. Loboto @ psycho_claims

I claimed: Grimilix, Roxton A Colchester III, Krawks, Zomutts & Sloth's Muatation Ray (first plot) @ neopets_claims

I claimed: Mr. Sitdown & The GO Tower @ kp_claims

I claimed: Control Freak's!Danny's Scythe, Sam's Laptop, The Fenton Crammer & "How should I scare you?" Control Freak's!Danny @ dp_claims

I claimed: "The Buck Swaps Here", "Nightmare on Wilson Way", Goo always calling Mr. Herriman a Badger, Grey DeLisle &
"Mac: Aw come on Bloo, try to have a better attitude, it'll be fun! Theres all kinds of cool things to buy!
Frankie: Yeah, you might find something you really like!
*Bloo falls off bus seat*
Mac: Yeah! Like a -BRAIN-!
Frankie: No, seriously, they have those. In little glass jars." - The Buck Swaps Here

@ foster_claims

i'm in slytherin!

By: megguendo

By subzeroace

Ghosts are Love</center>

* SubZ does enjoy Maple Syrup like all sane people but she doesn't really consume that much, and is lucky to get a small bottle the Christmas for her pancakes. MMMmmmm pancakes!~

** SubZ hates most sports, this includes hockey.